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Your head hurts. Your eyes feel like a five year old's art project - as if someone dumped glue over your eyelids, and then added a handful of glitter dust.

You try and rub the sludge out of your eyes, and maybe massage your aching head. Only, you can't move your arms. You try again, this time feeling the sharp bite of metal around your wrist, cutting through the dull throb in your head.

You start to open your eyes, slowly. A bright light feels like it's trying to penetrate your skull, and there's dancing spots of color everywhere. Blinking feels like you're rubbing sandpaper across your corneas, but slowly your vision starts to clear.

Your body has been laid out flat, on some form of table. YOur arms have been bound tightly by chains, your legs spread and bolted down. You can see your masculine pride, if you strain, though it's shriveled a little from the cold.

Looking around, you can see that you're in a stone room. There are shelves with colored glass bottles, and an oak door that hangs tantalizingly in front of you. If you could get up you might be able to reach it.

You have no idea where this place is. You can't remember how you got here - actually, The last you remember, you were... you were...

Your head hurts. Trying to remember any details seems painful, somehow.

Try and concentrate
It's not worth it
Dungeon Damsel - Interactive Story - TG/TF
I can't post the full thing on dA, since some of the content is... well, more mature than anything else in my gallery! Plus, it's an HTML game which wouldn't quite translate. You can find the game over at… though 

I've only finished the intro so far, but the first room alone includes 10 possible endings and over 30 pages worth of content, if you go through all the options. The endings so far include include TG, mental shifts, goo girlification, mild AR (only down to 18), animal features, pregnancy, and bimbofication! And that's all just the first room. ;)
New Pic! by dragon8writer
New Pic!
Just a little update

Still need to actually write something. >,> But you'll notice I've made some changes to my look~
I've started a blog - - for anyone interested in keeping up with me. c: (If you just want the highlights - new job, new house, on hormones, looking for a psych person, and living/passing as a full time woman. B) Life is going pretty good!)

Also. I will try and post a story later. Because obviously that is what this account is actually for. (Which is why I'm putting all my translife babble over at my new site. c: )
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United States
Hi! I'm dragon - i'm afraid i'm still learning to draw, as you can tell. But in the mean time, i've got plenty of scripts and stories for everyone!

Oh, and watch out for Katie if you don't want to lose your male parts while you're here - she's bored, and you make easy prey.

Requests: Open, but with restrictions
Commissions: Open
Art Trade: Open
Site: Needs Work

Current Age: 19, Personal Quote: A frown seems like a good umbrella, until you realize it's what's making the rain

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