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New Pic! by dragon8writer
New Pic!
Just a little update

Still need to actually write something. >,> But you'll notice I've made some changes to my look~
Still alive! (Kay 5-18-15) by dragon8writer
Still alive! (Kay 5-18-15)
Just a quick pic to show I'm still among the living! And making good progress, too. :D The hair's not real, alas - though I'm working on it - but I really love the way long hair frames my face.    

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It started with a Thought. A Curiosity, not even developed enough to become a Question. A mild inkling of a deeper inquest, tickling the back of Dragon's mind as he walked through the garden. The cobblestones dug lightly into his feet, beneath the shoes. The scent of the flowers tickled at his sensitive nose, his eyes scanning across a collection of daisies as the wind caused their heads to bob. And entirely peaceful day. If it had not been for the Thought.

It wasn't a new thought, Dragon knew. It was a very old thought, one long kept at bay. He distracted himself from it, as he had for years, by focusing on the world around him. He pushed it away, swatting at it like an annoying house fly that buzzed around his brain. His pace along the pathway began to pick up. He heard the dull thud of his own footsteps running across stones. He saw the bobbing head of the wildflowers as a gentle breeze picked up in his wake.

The thought did not go away. In fact, ti was growing from a Curiosity to a Question, the words behind it finally forming in the back of his mind. It was a question that Dragon had avoided at all costs, for many years. Rephrasing. Distracting.

Dragon ran faster, the wind now chilling his own face as he picked up the pace, the heads of stray flowers smacking lightly against his thigh. A dandelion head was tugged up by his boot, bobbing for a moment in the air before being crushed by his rushed footsteps. Behind him, its seeds scattered on the wind. Inside of him, the Thought began to branch out and plant its own roots.

There was no running from a thought, Dragon knew. Whether it was even a good idea to do so – that was something he would have loved to debate. Before the thought had arrived, and threatened to change his whole world.

The Immortal Avatar tried to run faster, the path before him shrinking as it was swallowed up more and more by the growing plants. Weeds and flowers, living earth taking over barren soil His feet hit dirt instead of rock, shoes digging into the ground itself s he tried to keep up his pace. His clumsy steps tore through the roots that kept flowers in their earth, but couldn't do a thing to uproot the Question finally blossoming in his mind.

“Who Am I?” He knew the answer, but he couldn't speak it. The words would not come into his throat. The answer of “Dragon,” seemed weak and hollow, not at all able to suffice.

His feet came out from under him, the  warm earth cushioning his fall. There was  a daisy trapped between his fingers and the earth. There was life beneath his fingertips, buds pressed up against his knees s he tried to make himself stand.

A familiar pain was blossoming in his chest. It felt tight beneath his shirt, and he knew it wasn't just his imagination. His breath was coming harder, and it was getting more difficult to breathe. He had felt it a thousand times before, but never like this. For once, it wasn't coming out of an outside source. This time there would be no excuses, and no returns. The Question would not allow it.

Scared stiff, Dragon lowered his head to face the white t-shirt beneath, stretched taught by swelling flesh, chafing fabric rubbing against twin peaks that protested loudly against their unfair treatment. Something was going to have to give, and Dragon knew it wouldn't be his new flesh.

He watched instead as the white tshirt began to dark darken to black, the tight cloth thinning out and spreading into an almost gothic lace.  Soothing relief occurred as the as the cloth made room for its new flesh, and he sighed in short-lived relief.

Feeling the touch of plant on his legs, he reluctantly looked downward. Smooth white skin greeted him, tender legs now bared against the wild flowers and the wind as the pants began to creep up up th flesh. Thicker thighs gave way to what would have been a deeper butt, and he bit his lip as the pants finally stopped at the shortest length. Then they tightened.

Discomfort. Pain. The feeling of something opening up inside of him where nothing had been. Something shoved up inward, as a warm blushed  touched his cheeks. It felt better than he would have liked to admit, legs shifting faintly over one another as he tried to get a feel for his new anatomy, snugly fitted into a new pair of cotton panties.

The shorts split, while he watched. The cloth combined, tying his legs together, rough blue denim again darkening to black, Not lace, but silken skirts, the cloth knitting itself together while he watched.

Fingers, more slender than he remembered, touched a face with newly shifted cheekbones. He felt it as his hair grew longer, spooling out between his fingers, moving toward the ground. HE struggled to stand when it got down to the waist, his hips popping out as the skirt struggled not to slide down the swelling butt. Distractions. Pleasant, embarrassingly familiar in Dragon's life.

Yet the Question still lingered. “Who am I?”

“Myself,” was the answer that blossomed. But it wasn't Dragon's thought. It was something else. Not someone else, but. Not him. He could feel her swelling up inside. Feel her, taking control of a leg to swing over. Feel her smiling her personal smile, as he began to slip away. “I'm DW,” she said quietly, as if knowing he could hear. Perhaps she did.

She stretched, arching her back and pushing her arms out behind her. She sniffed the flowers Dragon had sniffed, and she smiled again.

“I'm DW,” she repeated. “And I am myself. And I'm sorry, Dragon; but I'm not going to keep quiet anymore.”
Dragon's Final TG

So, The title's a little misleading, I"m afraid, though not exactly inaccurate.

This isn't the last TG I'm going to write. It's the last TG of me - or of my avatar, at least. (My actual final TG will be 2/16/16)

From this point on. Welp. There's a lot of options left in our little world – mental attacks, tf strikes, pies in the face.... but from this point on, DW – like me – is a full time woman, (Also a lesbian, so don't get any ideas guys. B| )

PS: ...I don't know how clear it was, but the general intention is that DW is another aspect, taking over from Dragon. Sort of. A software update. >,> The parts of me dragon represented still exist, but a part more central to who I am has taken the driver's seat.

I've started a blog - - for anyone interested in keeping up with me. c: (If you just want the highlights - new job, new house, on hormones, looking for a psych person, and living/passing as a full time woman. B) Life is going pretty good!)

Also. I will try and post a story later. Because obviously that is what this account is actually for. (Which is why I'm putting all my translife babble over at my new site. c: )
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Hi! I'm dragon - i'm afraid i'm still learning to draw, as you can tell. But in the mean time, i've got plenty of scripts and stories for everyone!

Oh, and watch out for Katie if you don't want to lose your male parts while you're here - she's bored, and you make easy prey.

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