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Mature content
Dungeon Damsel - Interactive Story - TG/TF :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 30 8
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Dragon's Final TG :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 23 11
Ora :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 2 20
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Kay :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 12 32
I close my eyes. The maze spreads out before me, a mindscape crafted overtime.  The floor is gray stone, polished to a dull gleam. The walls are a pure white and hard to look at. They flicker occasionally with the myriad of emotions that I’ve trapped deeper in the maze, walled up within the dead ends where I don’t have to peer directly at them. So long as I keep to the sharp corners and easy turns of simple emotions, the darker pains and angers will remain hidden. It doesn’t matter that I now want to ferret them out. That’s the nature of the maze I crafted, over the years. The emotion can’t find its way out, and I can never seem to find my way in
With my eyes still closed, though, my options lay out before me. Various pathways, each framed by a stone arch. Some of them bear labels, simple pictures carved  into the curved stone. The Pill path is closed off: I haven’t done the Quest to Renew a Prescription, and without it the toll booth has c
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 6 7
Mature content
Be Mine - TG Domination :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 48 2
Mature content
Test Subject - TG :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 37 43
Happy - version 2
Leonard shook the metal canister, fingers slipping a little across the blue and orange tin's lightly chilled surface. Palm tightening to eclipse the white middle, he quickly tipped the can.
His other hand reached into the nearby box, and he cherished the sound of wrinkling wax paper as he brought out his latest cracker – some expensive wheat type his wife had declared worth the twenty plus dollars. Apparently Ritz hadn't been ritzy enough for her.
He took the time to imagine what Jennifer's face would look like, if she knew he was adding Cheese Whiz to them. The red that would grace those pretty cheeks if she found out that he was defiling something so "precious" to her with his "common" taste buds. That classic expression she might wear – eyes narrowing, pupils dialing in, lips thinning, and the corner of her mouths turning down as she struggled not to scream something "undignified."  Leonard's own lips lifted in a smile, his eyes drifting down to the cracker in hi
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 4 3
Leonard tightened his grip about the blue and orange metal, palm all but eclipsing the white middle as his flesh conformed to the tube. Carefully, savoring the moment, he reached his hand up to the top of the can, feeling for the little grooves that marked release.
His other hand reached into the nearby box, and he cherished the sound of wrinkling wax paper as he brought out the first cracker – some expensive wheat brand his wife had sworn was worth the twenty plus dollars. Apparently Ritz hadn't been ritzy enough for her.
He took an extra moment to imagine the look that would appear on Jennifer's face, if she knew he was adding Cheese Whiz to them; the red on her cheeks if she found out that he was defiling something so "precious" with his "common" taste buds… The ways her eyes might narrow, pupils dialing in, lips thinning, the corner of her mouth turning down as she struggled not to scream – it brought a smile to Leonard's lips.
Knowing that she would be so upset made
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 6 2
Still moving - Still alive
Mason moved; it was an almost unwilling action, nothing more than the slightest shift of toe beneath the quilted covers that he'd slept beneath. Still, he was grateful for it, somewhere in the back of his still sleepy mind. It meant that he was still alive; or else that the afterlife was a particularly boring place, and he simply couldn't tell the difference.
He moved again, reluctantly extricating first one foot, then the other from blanket that had insulated them. The house was an old one, and a large one; and even in the depths of summer it never seemed to fully warm. He told himself regularly that he should move, for the sake of his old bones; but he probably wouldn't.
Moving again, he pressed his fingers against the rough fabric of his bed, fingernails digging for purchase against the crimson floral patterns that were embroidered across its surface. Arms straining he pulled himself forward, feeling his feet touch the floor.
The deep cold of the hardwood tiles sank its fangs into h
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 4 1
Barry Fey - TG TF
Head to the ground, Barry took in a deep breath, then another. He had to force them past the burn of his lungs. It had settled in with the general ache of his legs half a mile back and just hadn't quit since.
Not much further left; he just had to keep running; keep moving, with the forest up ahead. He could stop amid the trees, out of sight, and then make his way back into town. He could claim he'd run the entire way, so long as he didn't rest too long.
Maybe then his girlfriend would cut him some slack.
Shaking his head ruefully at that final – impossible – thought, he ducked his head for one final burst of speed. He felt the branches pass over head, when it happened, though he didn't see it. The ground in front of him shifted as well, pebbles and dirt shifting to muck and leaves, fungi popping up as the trees thickened and the sunlight dimmed.
He slowed himself, shifting from a run into a jog as he looked for a place to stop. His feet were slipping alarmingly over the decay
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 47 8
The drip of water makes me squirm, teeth momentarily catching tongue as I fight with myself on the matter. I tell myself that I don't have to get up; that I can lie in bed a few minutes more without fear of accident. I'm a liar like that; and at the end of the minute, I'm a liar who has to pee.
Groaning lightly, I press against the rough fabric of my mattress, feeling it catch at my skin as I free a naked leg, placing the first trembling foot against the hardwood floor. My bones groan in protest, but don't give way. The other foot comes down, joints cracking lightly as I stand. I'm getting fucking old, Danielle. Something I'm glad I didn't have to share with you. The walk to the bathroom takes several shambling minutes; my feet traverse each inch of the cold ground only under protest, as my legs squeeze together tight enough to make my dick practically pop.
The bathroom tiles are even colder than the hard wood floors. I pick up my pace; cursing every moment my flesh is forced to deal w
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 5 14
Mature content
Shield - Chapter 1 :icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 4 2


Random from My OCs and other giftart

I also recommend the folder with :iconmajorkerina:'s stories. HEAVILY.

In the meantime, though, enjoy a quick view of my characters - and don't forget to give thanks to the people who did the pics! :)

Random from Kerina's Stories

Kats TG
It started as a simple, lazy Saturday morning.
Toby had just managed to wake from his late afternoon nap to see his roommate Ron come home with groceries.
Staggering from the saggy, white couch in the living room, Toby muttered an offer to help put things away.
Ron grinned, tucked a hand in his pocket, and brushed back his shoulder-length brunette hair. "I got it, dude. Guess who I saw at the market."
Toby barely stifled a yawn as he rubbed at his eyes. He shook a head and guessed, "Meg Ryan."
Ron gave a quick little laugh. For the last few weeks, Toby had been nudging Ron to get his long hair trimmed because of how much he looked "like a chick" from the back. Ron's response was to note how Toby's dirty-blond, tightly curly locks looked like Meg Ryan's hair from the back.  
Setting the milk on its little shelf in the fridge, Ron answered, "I saw Kat. She's thinking of heading to a movie later with a friend and asked if we'd like to come along."
Cracking his neck a
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 75 153
A Touch Too Close 4-Conclusion
Going Forth From Here
As I sit and compose upon what I have left, words with my own paraphrasing return both new and old.  
Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is redeemable.

In the original quote, the last word is "unredeemable". Perhaps that is truer but the change is my own.
I see Codie and Harper nearly every day. They smile and laugh but they do not see me. They exist separate from every other person in this universe, together.
What they are now and why is the preoccupation of those who investigate them. But I cannot follow their present, so I follow their past.
As their daughter, Lisa Hewitt-Melvang, I was carefully watched until it became clear that nothing special would ever come of me. My name made simple the matter of my research. I had full access to the preserved time concentrated around Codie and Harper whenever I wanted it.
I wrote pape
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 19 113
A Touch Too Close - Part 3
Three Potential Answers
My first memory is unreliable. It is mired in the shifts and rewrites of retrospect and thoughtful analysis.
My first memory is strong. There is an impression left by the memory which reverberates through my entire life.
My first memory is of my mouth clinging to Codie's chest as I suckle from her right nipple. I remember her smile as she looks down at me and I remember how she looks over to Harper, just out of contact, as he makes playful hand gestures to me.
Even then, my mind seized upon this moment and tried to break it down into meaning. My first attempts were feeble. But it was a beginning.
The first attempts by my parent to make meaning of their incidents began with a call to room extension 1923 of Derbin Hall, the room of pre-med student Michael Veller.
Veller would later be referred to numerous times in medical papers written about my parent's situation. None of the instances were the least bit flattering to Michael Veller. In certain informal in
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 17 25
Project Tan Teaser
Project Tan Teaser
My eye gave that involuntary twitch again as I heard the security guard tell me, "I'm afraid you'll need use the line like everyone else, ma'am."
I swallowed that little bit of pride which remained and assured him, "I'm a man. My name is Dr. Andrew Wiler. I'm part of this lecture series. I was invited." I gestured to the posters under my arm for effect. I tried to keep the not-dry glue from seeping around my tweed jacket sleeve. I failed.
The guard gave an exaggerated cock of his head and squinted. He was probably channeling some TV-grade criminal investigator. I just smiled the best I could.
Eventually, he remarked, "You sure look and sound like a woman. Have any ID?"
I let slip a little wince and noted, "Afraid not…" It was a lie. I had an ID but it had long ago been misprinted with an "F" for gender and wouldn't help my case. I had to give him that my black hair was past my shoulders and all my facial hair had long ago entered into a suicide pact.
Oh a
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 18 73
A Touch Too Close - Part 2
A Touch Too Close - Part 2
Involving the Second Incident and Its Immediate Repercussions
However, several matters must be resolved before proceeding further. It would easy to examine the later lives of Harper Melvang and Codie Hewitt after this series of incidents became an overall trend and trace the myriad of sources with their reflections and thoughts. The same would be true of looking up the studies and examinations in search of causes and explanations.
Such information would satiate numerous questions of a scientific and historical nature. But it would leave a fundamental and staggering question.
The why of the intangible.
That is the purpose of my words.
And so, after the parting of Harper and Codie following the first incident, each returned to their dorms with different ideas about what may have occurred.
For Harper, strange and nebulous feelings drifted through her thoughts. Her feelings about seeing Codie as a girl seemed to resurface in her quiet reflectio
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 23 95
A Touch Too Close - Part 1
A Touch Too Close - Part 1
Leading to and Including the First Incident
Codie Hewitt and Harper Melvang sat one row across from one another in their Introduction to Liberal Studies class. Then they had adjacent dorms. They even passed each other in the halls on seventeen separate occasions.
Codie's roommate pointed Harper out to him once but Codie brushed away his dense, black hair from curling at his neck and said something non-committal. While Harper's sister said 'hi' to Codie and several times called him 'cute', she did not truly notice him throughout her entire freshman year of college.
But then came to pass their Introduction to Psychology class. By happenstance, the two picked the third row on the right side of the class. They both picked it for similar reasons. It was close enough to see all the board materials and it was also not at the front where they were likely to be called on constantly. Also, it happened to have clear access to the exit.
Both sat. Both set d
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 30 117
Invalid Login TG
Invalid Login
I finally got home from my new job after an hour of different buses.
After kicking off my shoes and cracking my back, I set my bags on the kitchen table. I heated up some day-old pasta with cheddar chunks melted in a bowl for supper and slid my laptop out of its bag after I'd had a few bites.
I thought for a moment on the third bus that I'd lost my laptop but it had just slid a ways underneath. As soon as I moved to open my laptop, I paused and rubbed my hands over the top. It felt different. I had a flash of prickly terror where I feared that I'd accidentally swapped laptops with someone else. Turning it on, I got a sudden zap of static electricity from the keyboard. I had a moment of strange wooziness but it soon passed.
My heart raced and thoughts of how screwed I might be swelled through my head. But all the fear went away when my wallpaper was there and everything was in the right place.
Easing back in my chair, I made sure to backup my work files to the flash
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 107 224
Lanuleta University Part 7 TG
Lanuleta University – Psychology Class
Where The Truth Is Revealed
I shook my head and told myself that any giant bugs I remembered from dreams were probably just false memories. I sipped my soda and moved closer to the front of the café where things weren't quite so lonely.
Still, I felt an unnerving sensation that something was there just over my shoulder, though I didn't see anything. I plopped my head on table. I'd read about the psychology computers in the library and they only gave users a few minutes of the symptoms of an abnormal condition and only when you were there. I knew from the last class with safety protocol not to mix more than three conditions without standing up and looking away from the magical field around the computer.
But I couldn't really remember much about what I'd done with the computer. I really hoped that wasn't a sign of amnesia. If Professor Kellemann was still around, then I knew I could stop by and ask about this. If nothing else, there
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 38 80
Lanuleta University Part 6 TG
Lanuleta University - Psychology
Where Memory Is Concerned
I wrote all I could about memory till my left hand seized up into a ragged claw of Absolute Suffering. Then I dragged it across the page again.
*I think you have enough.*
Maybe. But there was this line right at the edge of my thoughts. Even if it took all hour, I probably wouldn't get it but it seemed to taunt me. So I wrote some more just to show that I didn't need it.
And then I still had time. Rats!
I tried to corral my wild imagination with possibilities for my abnormal psych paper and then connect that with the subjects which were coming up in my organic biology and chemistry classes. But I kept wandering to the idea of "gratuitous boy-on-boy butt-secks", which Andrea wrote on the dorm marker board.
But I almost had to smack myself because I was getting into that idea to the point it was like my skin was about to launch itself like a rocket.
And then it was time to stop being Crazy-Nasira and time to listen t
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 31 117
Lanuleta University Part 5 TG
Lanuleta University – Psychology Class
Where I Get To Know More
After a lovely lunch with Nasira, she followed me back to my room. Both…Berns…were cooking some kind of pasta. Shawn was practicing something resembling tai chi. And Quinn was away.
It was just Nasira and me in my room. Despite how small it was, we sat together on my bed and Nasira's gentle hands traced all over me. Her body around me made me shiver despite its warmth.
Her hands clutched so close to mine that I couldn't tell where my hands ended and hers began. Her breath around my cheek flowed into my breath and mingled with it. It was wonderful and so strange.
To be loved like this, all cares about my body and this world flew away. I could be Michelle for this Nasira forever if she wished it.
But I felt a tickle in my stomach. I sighed and leaned from Nasira's embrace.
She bent forward, her hair curling in dark colors. "What's wrong, Michelle?"
Looking at her face, twisted in concern, I lost my word
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 33 55
Lanuleta University Part 4 TG
Lanuleta University - Psychology
Where Everyone Is Female
The absence of the voice worried me as much as my sudden change of gender. Movement felt so disconcerting because my body impression in my head didn't match what I was feeling. I was grateful for the small breasts on my chest. They were still rather sensitive though.
I tried calling out loud to the voice…and paused. The more I heard it, the more this voice resembled 'the voice'. It wasn't a perfect match but it felt very similar.
I tightened my broad lips, scratched at my elbow, and figured I couldn't hide out in the bathroom forever in the hope this would just pass.
Walking around didn't help the disconcerting feeling, so I tried to focus on the world around me and not trip.
I tightened my bag and noticed a little toy frog dangling on the end of it which wasn't there before. I brushed back a bit of hair. I really didn't like it this long. I searched my bag for an elastic hair band and found one near the bottom. I al
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 39 53
Lanuleta University Part 3 TG
Lanuleta University - Psychology
Where Things Start To Get Complicated
I didn't actually slack off that night. I read a good bit of the assigned reading after dragging myself back from my later classes. Then, I went with both Berns to dinner in the cafeteria and drowned my confusion and anxieties in several glasses of root beer.
Neither probed about my first day. Both ate ravenously. Mostly they just talked about the game. I nodded at points but I was mostly curious if Nasira would make another appearance.
I thought I saw her a few times. One girl actually had a reflect ability to present what others wanted to see. I could tell because her Nasira-like skin was see-through.
The two Berns did give me a look at my searching gaze. They shared a couple looks between themselves but didn't pry.
*The Berns are really cute together. Two for one deal too.*
I imagined music drowning out the girlish musings of my voice and that kept her at bay for a while.  
Back at the roo
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 39 66
Lanuleta University Part 2 TG
Lanuleta University - Psychology
Where I Have Plenty To Think About
Fortunately, Psychology was my only class in Longbloom Hall. This was good because it was on the far side of the campus from the dorms. My other classes were in the much closer Dixon Hall.
Once outside, I grabbed a coffee from the nearest cart vendor. Aside from being the furthest, Psychology was also the earliest for me and it let out too late for breakfast and too early for a decent lunch.
Still, as I stood there and sipped, I considered whether to head back to my room for noodles or to wait on the cafeteria or the café serving anything that wouldn't require I use actual money.
After some thought and the voice going on about needing to "learn the layout", I took a walk around the center of the campus. There were about five main roads that divided things up and it was about a square kilometer in size (according to the info on their website and including land to grow).
The new athletics center had just been
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 42 68
You Are Me - TG
You Are Me
"You are me. Embrace me. Embrace us."
I willed myself not shiver at the sound. They wouldn't find me, I told myself. They were still just scanning, getting rid of the easy ones first. Digging into closets would be a last resort. I was sure of it.
"We will be one, together. There is no escape."
They spoke as a singular presence in a stereo of identical, womanly voices. Each word perfectly in sync. Before my buddy Ethan was one of them, he used the analogy of the Borg. Big Star Trek fan. He got assimilated too.
Shutting my eyes only helped me to hear them better and I didn't have the balls to try covering my ears. Too much of a chance I might noisily scuff something.
"You will be perfection. You will be one of us. You will be beautiful, always."
I tried to find a comfortable position where I was in the closet. Their icy-blue vision slipped into flashes behind my tired, twitching eyes.
Four days ago. At least. Maybe a week. Maybe longer. That was when it started. I didn'
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 93 194
TG - Your Sequence for Neito56
Your Sequence
"Hi. I'm here to be transformed into a girl. I have all the required paperwork."
Nate set a small novel of forms on the silvery counter. As he feared, the office appeared empty.
He pressed his hands into the deep pockets of his black trench coat and tapped his heavy-soled shoes. Having come this far, he resolved to wait.
The room was surprisingly-spacious for something so far underground. A wire mesh covered gray cabinets and lockers. A colorless fan turned slowly from the ceiling. A large, white circle was painted on the floor in front of the counter. And there was not a chair to relax on in sight.
Nate cracked his neck and leaned on the counter. No chairs he could see behind there either. The counter was impeccable, clean, and devoid of papers, pencils, clips, or any of the usual stuff expected of offices.
It did have on the front, in painted letters, the words, "Office of Gender Transformation."
After exhausting all the stretching and leaning he could do, Nate p
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 74 98
TG - Not So Bad Wish
Not So Bad Wish
James sighed, his face pressed against the table at the hamburger place. "She said…I was too self-centered."
Brad patted James on the back, softly at first, then vigorously to make up for it. "Hey, don't let it get to you. We'll make some drinks at your place and then we'll play your entire collection of Queen and sing along to it till five in the morning."
James turned his face against the cool table but he couldn't find the strength to lift his cheek from it. "But Heather and I were going so great…"
Brad scoffed. "You fought all the time." Brad didn't add that Heather had once told him she really liked girls more than guys and always wished she'd been born a male. He figured that would just make James fall even deeper into depression.
James glanced at the desolate glossiness of the table and puffed a bit of air at a massive chunk of straw cover scrap. It didn't even flutter it. Brad flicked the little thing away and added, "You're better off without h
:iconmajorkerina:majorkerina 138 185
Some of the most amazing zappy stories out there - if it's got :iconmajorkerina: on it, you should probably check it out. :P

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Things that I think might help my big sis, :iconmajorkerina:, cheer up in times of need. :)


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You can't escape. A slow calm slides over you, serene understanding of your fate. She is coming to claim you, and you are going to give in. Her arms are going to wrap around you, and you are going to dip your head down to her flesh and do what she tells you to. All of that is fact. You belong to her, now.

So. If this is going to be your last few minutes of freedom… Why shouldn’t you enjoy it? If there’s one thing you know this body is good for, it’s putting on a show. You just have to turn and fully face the witch. Smile at her, and let her smile back. Eyeing you up and down. That’s your owner, you realize. She owns you…

You reach across your chest to cup the rightmost breast. The warm flesh overflows between your fingers, and the hard nipples rubs itself back and forth across your palm. Back and forth, a slow moving coil of heat traveling through your body, down to your pussy. There’s a spark, and something ignites. Warm and wet by default, your lips now scream for attention as need consumes them. You don’t give it to them, yet. You turn fully to face Fiona, instead.

She’s no closer. Watching you from across the hall. She smiles and your muscles tense. You give a softer squeeze, gently massaging the flesh to let more of that pressure build inside you. The need you’ve been feeling is nothing compared to the inferno that forms. Fiona is watching you. Your mistress is watching you.

The needy lips between your thighs are swollen, now, liquid gathering between the slick folds. You know it’s your imagination, yet you can hear the sound of liquid dripping down on the flagstones. Your arousal making the floor slick beneath your feet.

You squeeze your breast, fingernails digging into the skin hard enough to leave marks.  There’s no pain. Your flesh gives to your touch, warm and malleable. Filled with nothing but the pleasure and warmth inside.   When you take your fingers from your breast, the clay flesh bounces back to its natural state, smooth gray breasts reforming before Fiona’s eyes. Your malleable body at work. Part of why she wants you so bad.

Your red eyes meet the wizard’s green gaze. Still looking into her eyes, you press your right hand against your stomach and slowly drift your way down the flat expanse of belly. Your fingertips leave a shallow groove, one that slowly refills itself as you come closer to the cleft of clay between your thighs.  Closer. A little more.

Your fingers touch the outer lips, causing your body to shudder. So sensitive. You don’t remember your pussy ever being this sensitive, before. So ready and waiting for fingers to slip inside… or your mistress’s tongue and toys. That’s later, though. This is your show, right now.

You gently push a finger between the moist lips, feeling the clay clamp down on your fingertip. It almost seems to pull at you, heat and need demanding attention. Satisfaction. You resist it, though. You only slide your finger slowly across the wall, giving it just the barest hint of attention. You’re already wet enough to take more, but you don’t. Not until you see Fiona’s eyes flicker toward the sex. Just the faintest gesture, but it shows you that she’s watching. That she cares.

You slip two more fingers inside, your fingers molding themselves to the pressing walls. You pull out, and press in, your eyes entirely on hers. Your thumb carefully works at your clit, flicking the button. Another burst of pleasure, and your fingers clamp so tightly at your fingers you feel like it all might merge together. Your hand a permanent part of your pussy, fingers filling the greedy snatch.

You tug slowly out, leaving a void of emptiness. You double over, at last breaking eye contact, pure need flooding you. You should be pushing your fingers back inside, but you still pull them out. You straighten. Your eyes turn to Fiona. Your thumb slips upward, finding its place of honor upon your clit.

You drive the fingers inward again. Pressure building, putting you on end, ready to explode. A moment before the pure bliss, your mind suddenly clears.

If you do this, you’ll be hers forever.
Dungeon Damsel - TG/TF Preview
I updated the story with a little more:… I'm not sure how much to show on DA, but it's a little. Um. Sexual. So I hope you all enjoy.

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Your head hurts. Your eyes feel like a five year old's art project - as if someone dumped glue over your eyelids, and then added a handful of glitter dust.

You try and rub the sludge out of your eyes, and maybe massage your aching head. Only, you can't move your arms. You try again, this time feeling the sharp bite of metal around your wrist, cutting through the dull throb in your head.

You start to open your eyes, slowly. A bright light feels like it's trying to penetrate your skull, and there's dancing spots of color everywhere. Blinking feels like you're rubbing sandpaper across your corneas, but slowly your vision starts to clear.

Your body has been laid out flat, on some form of table. YOur arms have been bound tightly by chains, your legs spread and bolted down. You can see your masculine pride, if you strain, though it's shriveled a little from the cold.

Looking around, you can see that you're in a stone room. There are shelves with colored glass bottles, and an oak door that hangs tantalizingly in front of you. If you could get up you might be able to reach it.

You have no idea where this place is. You can't remember how you got here - actually, The last you remember, you were... you were...

Your head hurts. Trying to remember any details seems painful, somehow.

Try and concentrate
It's not worth it
Dungeon Damsel - Interactive Story - TG/TF
I can't post the full thing on dA, since some of the content is... well, more mature than anything else in my gallery! Plus, it's an HTML game which wouldn't quite translate. You can find the game over at… though 

I've only finished the intro so far, but the first room alone includes 10 possible endings and over 30 pages worth of content, if you go through all the options. The endings so far include include TG, mental shifts, goo girlification, mild AR (only down to 18), animal features, pregnancy, and bimbofication! And that's all just the first room. ;)
I've started a blog - - for anyone interested in keeping up with me. c: (If you just want the highlights - new job, new house, on hormones, looking for a psych person, and living/passing as a full time woman. B) Life is going pretty good!)

Also. I will try and post a story later. Because obviously that is what this account is actually for. (Which is why I'm putting all my translife babble over at my new site. c: )
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Hi! I'm dragon - i'm afraid i'm still learning to draw, as you can tell. But in the mean time, i've got plenty of scripts and stories for everyone!

Oh, and watch out for Katie if you don't want to lose your male parts while you're here - she's bored, and you make easy prey.

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