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May 25, 2010
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Jacob rummaged through his dresser, motions getting more frantic as pants and shirts were heaved out. He ran his fingers across the wood, the grains passing beneath his fingers as he silently cursed. "Looking for these?" asked a voice.

Jacob spun, eyes widening as he saw his swim trunks hanging limp from his roommate's fingers. "Give those back, Max," he snapped, darting forward as the bigger boy easily held them from his grip.

"Not so fast, Jacob," smiled Max. "I've got a little proposition for you, first."

"Stop messing around!" demanded Jacob. His fingers grazed against the cloth as he jumped. Max just yawned, tossing them into the hall as a pair of hands gripped them, the males lining the hall all passing it down between them. "Max!" whined Jacob, a tinge of desperation entering his voice. "I've got a date tonight!"

"And unless you want your date knowing exactly what you've been doing when you're not seeing her," the boy smiled, "you're going to do what I ask. I got pictures of you and Cindy, Jacob. I told you not to mess with my ex."

"She's a free woman," growled Jacob, trying to track down where the swimsuit might have gone. He yelped as Max gripped him by the shoulders, dragging him back into the room and staring him in the eye.

"She's free," he admitted, "and just about any boy in the university with enough guts is free to date her. But I don't want a little cheating prick like you to go near her."

"I think that's for Cindy to decide," smirked Jacob, his dramatic comeback somewhat ruined as his finger bent uselessly on Max's broad chest.

"She already decided," smiled Max, "Along with the proper punishment for you cheating on her. You should be grateful," he smiled. "I was all for pummeling the hell out of you. She's more delicate."

Jacob opened his mouth to ask what Max was talking about, his motions grinding to a halt when his roommate withdrew a ball of pink cloth from his pocket. He stared in horror as it unfurled, Max drawing the edges between his two hands to reveal the tight pink bikini bottom. "You're going to wear this, all the way down the hallway, and back."

He stared at it, for a moment, mind rejecting the possibility of any seriousness. He stared at Max, taking in the smirk before stiffly walking forward and snatching the cloth. He slammed the door shut, hoping for a snap and receiving only a smug laugh for his efforts.

He stared at the bikini bottom with distaste, blushing a little as he dropped his pants to the ground. It felt tight against his skin, the pink cloth digging into his flesh. He yelped as it touched his groin, an electric shock passing through his body as he let loose a shiver. Carefully he opened the door, paling a little at the cheering boys. He felt a hand on his shoulder, his shirt torn from his arms yanked up and his shirt torn off before he even had a chance to resist. A meaty hand on his back pushed him upward, making him stumble as his legs trembled.

He blushed under their stares, not certain why they were looking so intently at him. His body felt odd, the skin crawling as the panties slide up and down his legs. He felt his feet slip out of the shoes, and wondered if he hadn't tied them correctly. He didn't bother to put them back on, simply moving hurriedly forward as the bikini continued to slide. He felt it settle at last as he reached the opposite end, digging into his suddenly tender bottom. He reached back, trying to undo the wedgie to the catcall of the other boys. Blushing, he headed back, wishing he lived in something other than a an all boys dormitory as his legs slid against each other; they felt odd.

Against his will, he began to feel his manhood stiffening, a bulge pressing against the panties as the pressure built up against his groin. He swore for a moment he heard his body cracking, before the bulge began to ease and a sudden spike of pleasure made his knees wobble again. He realized that something felt odd, after that. A few more steps made him pale again, his rubbing thighs refusing to elicit the expected feelings.

Jacob's eyes drifted to his legs as he finished the last few steps of his journey. His mouth gasping a little in shock at the sight of his now hairless legs, the thickened thighs towering over slender legs. Uncaring who was watching, he dove a still masculine hand into the bikini bottom, blushing in horror at the lack of response from his manhood.

Slowly the new girl dug around inside, matting through the hair and brushing against the soft lips inside. She squirmed at the feel, withdrawing her hands with a feeling of dirtiness she couldn't comprehend. "What did you do to me!?" she squeaked, staring at Max. She trembled at the realization that he towered higher than ever over her, but he made no move to put his hands on her.

"Do you like Cindy's brand of justice?" he asked, instead., smiling when she blushed instead of responding. "You're gonna have to go further if you want to go back."

"Go… further?" she whispered, her voice a mixture of the feminine and the masculine now that she'd lost her manhood.

"Go further," he repeated, gently lifting up a bikini top. The boys "Woot!"ed to the side of her. "You have to go all the way before you can take it off and change back." She blushed again, but her fingers closed around the top as she hesitantly looked at it. "I don't know how to put it on," she whispered, after a moment.

"Try it like this," Max grinned, grabbing it from her hands. She squeaked in protest as he hooked it, stretching the bands out and pulling them over her head. Jacob felt them snap around her arms before she could move, the stretched out cloth pressing closely against nipples. She felt them growing in response, red and hard beneath the clothes as another shock trembled through her system. She squirmed a little as hair tickled against her face, brown locks flowing down the floor as she gently sneezed. It sounded cute to her now feminine ears, her nose already shrunken and changed with the rest of her. She could feel it shifting, her arms growing more slender as her waist trimmed and her stomach flattened, the energy flowing between bikini top and bottom.

She smiled hopefully as she felt the top loosten around her shrunken body, the hope robbed in a gasp of pleasure as her breasts began to sprout. She felt the cups tumble into the cups, the red nipples rubbing against the pink containers as they grew. The top strained against her body, barely containing her form as she squirmed and gasped at the feel of it.

She squirmed as the others spoke, desperate to get out as she put more pressure on the clothes. "I wouldn't do that," whispered Max softly, but she wasn't listening. She moved her arms, shifting and pulling as he felt it give, the top exploding free as she gasped in relief, feeling the bikini top and bottom both dissolving in a burst of light.

She gasped as the energy flooded through her, feminine hand resting against her naked breasts as she blushed. She squirmed a little at the sensation but didn't let up, suddenly aware she was completely naked in the hallway.

She glanced around to register reactions, letting her hands drop with a start as she looked at the confused female faces all around her. Looking from the pile of ash where the bikini had been, to the smug smile on her now female roommate's face, "Josephine," swallowed.

Somehow, she couldn't help but feel that it was going to be a very interesting summer vacation. For one thing, she was going to have to buy a new bikini.
This one was sorta requested by :iconmajorkerina: I guess. She really wanted to see it, and supplied most of the details. :)

Hope everyone enjoys! :D
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