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June 22, 2010
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My back came against the wall, my breath coming a little bit heavier as I gently peeked around the corner. He was walking towards me, his eyes focused on the ground above his foot. He didn't look up the entire way, seeming to evade people by instinct more than anything else. Or maybe it was just that he was so damn scary they were avoiding him, I decided, and he was just weaving around for the sake of it.

It wasn't so much that he looked scary. In fact, he looked sorta cute… the way his soft pink lips fit his feminine face, the eyeliner accentuating his looks. The air of mystery that caught her interest yet kept her at bay, along with every other breathing being in a five foot radius. I blushed at the direction my thoughts were taking, holding my breath and slamming myself back against the wall as the boy in question walked onwards.

A hint of thrill passed through me when I saw that he was still holding the papers, with all their odd marks. Freakish and weird, filled with numbers and letters of alphabets, and runes. But no odd numbers. I was fairly sure that was important, for whatever freakish reason it might have been true - there hadn't been a single odd number on that entire paper.

I blinked when I realized he was already half way down the hall, the crowd flowing past him like water to make room. I cursed my stupidity under my breath, hurrying a little as I kept my eyes focused on his butt. It was a good butt, I decided, taking a moment to ogle it as I dove past a couple chatting freshmen. He didn't turn around, simply diving down the hall as I hurried after, the sound of my footsteps down the hall overridden by chattering children on the way home from school.

The crowds began to thin out as he darted down of the lesser used hallways, most of the kids already home. My footsteps were more conspicuous now, resounding in my ears over the bare murmur of children too distracted to head home. I moved more cautiously, worry tingling up and down my spine even though he wasn't turning around. I leaned around the next corner as he headed down it, hand digging into the rough plaster until they stung. He didn't even bother looking around before darting into what I recognized as one of the older classrooms that had gone out of use when the school cut down on its budgets and teachers. The remaining ones seemed to feel it was better than letting their already low salaries take a pay cut.

I winced as I realized I'd drifted off again, darting forward to try the handle and smiling in relief when I found it wasn't locked. The guy probably couldn't get the key, I decided, sliding the door open a little bit. I blinked my eyes at the sudden burst of light that broke its way out, sliding through my retinas until I gasped. I covered myself with a hand, fighting back a whimper as I peeked through the cracks, letting my eyes adjust slowly.

I could see him through the afterimage, his body wracked with pain at the center of a spiral of light, equipment all around him as he gasped. "Are you alright?" I whispered, afraid to say his name. I wondered for a moment what he'd say if he knew that I knew his name was Leslie, the only fact that anyone in the entire school seemed to know. Considering what I'd found him inside of, I decided it wasn't really going to matter. "Are you okay, Leslie?" I asked, this time, flinching a little when his eyes gazed towards me.

"Stay… back…" he panted, face pained. I heard something crack, his waving hand the only thing that stopped me from running forward. The skin across his palm seemed to crawl, the fingers bending in upon themselves as they lost density. It was moving away from me, now, the light letting off the light cackle I associated with electricity as it sapped the muscle mass from him.

I watched, unsure what to make of it when his legs began to crawl up inside of him, the light forming a shimmering sheet across his body. It condensed on him, the light squeezing down as his waist cracked, the crackling followed by a clear snap of bone as his form remolded itself. I watched with a wince as a hip bone pressed itself hard enough through the skin I thought it would penetrate, fleshing out a moment later as his body rushed to feel the flow. There was body hair growing across his legs, even as the ones on his arms were receding. It dissolved as fast as it grew, cut down by the light as I watched it.

The hair on his head was growing, I noticed, the black strands thickening out as they moved. His soft lips growing softer, the eyeliner beginning to sit more naturally on his feminine face. But what really drew my eyes was the groin, the flesh stiff enough to make me blush at first but quickly growing softer. I gasped as I watched his back arch, the soft sound of flesh sliding against flesh telling me everything. I covered my mouth with my hand, biting the inside of my palm a little bit to stop from crying out. I watched the transformation carry itself the rest of the way out, her hips gyrating and body arching as her shirt began to bulge. I already knew what was coming, but I still couldn't help but gasp through my palm when I saw the imprint of nipples pressing through the too tight cloth, the girls constant panting taking on a whole new meaning as I resisted the urge to cover her.

The light died a few moments later, Leslie's green eyes blinking forward as her long nailed hands scrambled at the floor. She pushed herself up right the beautiful eyes I'd been so curious about meeting mine as my heart picked up a beat. She was a girl, I reminded myself. A beautiful, stunning, mysterious, tight bodied… girl. Who had just so happened to be my sole interest, sexual or otherwise, for the last several weeks.

"You weren't supposed to see that," she whispered, grimacing a little. "No one was supposed to see that." Her voice held a little tint of anger, now, though her eyes looked more frantic than anything else as she glanced at me. "I was supposed to just come home from a long vacation and resume my life without…"

I swallowed before speaking, my throat dry enough to catch the words on the first few tries. "You were always a girl?"

"Yeah," she nodded, blushing a little. "Until I found the machine, anyway… There were a bunch of papers lying around - odd numbers and some bits of the alphabet. So I sorta just… plugged them in…" she blushed again, a memory flickering behind her eyes as she squirmed. "I've spent the last couple months trying to find the proper even numbers and alphabet bits to get myself back to normal…" She smiled, slightly. "Looks like it… um… worked…"

I nodded, fitting the pieces in my mind as I stared at her. The makeup. The fact that no one knew anything about her. The soft look she'd always had, the feminine body type that had set my heart racing every time I got too close to the secret she was trying to keep hidden… I blushed, myself, at the thought. I was straight. I knew I was straight, through and through. But, as Leslie gasped and collapsed into my arms, her head resting against my breasts, I had to wonder if - just this once - it might not matter.

After all, I'd never been able to resist a good secret.
I don't know what to think about this - :iconrazorkissed-wrists: earned a prize from me, and asked that I continued [link] which IS a good little story.

This was sorta what popped into my brain... I might have to do something else, if they won't take a gender bender finish, but... but... all the cluuuues! :D

*Couldn't resist*
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18agepics Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
cute :3 i love your work, as always~
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Thanks. :)
razorkissed-wrists Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010  Student General Artist
AH! xD what a twist! i haven't yet delved into this part of imagination yet xD
i like what you've done with the story! it's really interesting and i'm kinda looking forward for more :p *is left wondering what you'd have done if not for gender bender*
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
Who knooooows?
glu-glu Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Bravo, this one is something more people should do, i mean, it's the opposite of standard TG fare in many ways.

Like thay say "Proof that the remaining 10% is worth it"

Well, as a stand alone anyway, had i read the stories in the proper order, i say the TG feels tacked on as an after thought, i have to say, both stories work way better as stand alone.
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
Possibly. :P

The story left a big hint - if it had been a strict continuation, I might have worked it in more gently. Though that would have also taken a lot more time and led to a very different story. ^^;
Jinelys Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010   Writer
I like it! :clap:
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
Jinelys Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010   Writer
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010
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