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"Would you like to put the lotion on me?" Jake looked up with a start, book dropping from his hands as he tried to make sense of the curved field of blue above him; it seemed to be jiggling along with the words. "It's not exactly nice to stare you know," muttered the voice again, from beyond the spheres. There was a face looking down at him over them, a frown painted on its features.  A female face, looking at him over jiggling orbs that were covered in what was rapidly revealing itself to be a blue bikini; he flushed a little when he realized what he was doing, scrambling out from under their shadow and standing up to look at her.

"Sorry, Jane… I was sorta out of it again…"

"Is that why you failed to give those three guys hitting on you the brushoff?"

Jake squirmed uncomfortably, plucking at the baggy shirt that sometimes made boys wonder what he was hiding. He stopped when he saw her frown, long hair smacking against her breasts a few times in the motion; them being at his head height was only part of the problem. He only wished the long hair was the rest of it. "People always look at me funny when I tell them I'm a boy, so… When I pretend I'm reading, they… you know…"

"Mumble about how they bet your flat chested anyway, and walk off?"  Jane snorted when he fidgeted again, letting out a soft sigh before pushing him firmly back to the ground. "You're five foot nothing, have a delicate build, and your mom never let you cut your hair once. Your face looks like it should be the poster girl for an innocent elementary school." Jake flinched as she listed off his faults, curling in on himself a little as she rounded to a close. "The only reason you don't get beaten up is because I make you wear clothes baggy enough everyone assumes you're a girl.  And yet, somehow, you're still my best friend…  off with the shirt."

He darted a look at her, returning his gaze to the ground as quick as his eyes could travel. "You told me I can't do that. That I'll get beaten up by bullies if they know I'm just girly."

"Yeah, but that's only when I'm not around. I'm a super bully, remember? Now take off the shirt." She yanked at it she spoke, not listening to his whimpered protests as she yanked it over his head. She grabbed one of the arms before he could pull it around his chest, feeling the biceps underneath her red fingernails. "You're stronger than you look, you know. It's just girl strength."

"Girl strength?" He peeked out cautiously from beneath his armpit, the gaze peering past the breasts to her face as best he could from the angle. He never had an easy time looking past them, but she never seemed to care. Sometimes he wish she would comment on it, even if it would just mean him getting a twisted arm.

"Yeah – you get stronger like a girl. Without all the dumb showiness. Which is great, if you wanna watch your figure, and not so great when you want someone to avoid punching you in the stomach to see how fast you crumble." She let the arm go, grimacing in distaste when he yanked it against himself.  "Which is why I'll never understand why you – you – nearly got yourself killed trying to defend me when those guys were trying lame pickup lines last week."

"You're my friend… They were bugging you…" He fidgeted a bit more. "Can I have my shirt back?"

"Not until I put the lotion on. Then you get to do mine. Then we talk more about the subject."

"Suntan- eek!" The squeak came out of his lips before he could hold it back, cold lotion sliding against his back as she rubbed into the skin. The flesh felt odd where she pushed it, softer somehow, and just a little bit tighter as well. He could almost feel himself being pulled in around it, skin sliding against skin until excess folds were enveloped. "is it just my imagination, or-" another squeak as she pushed her hand into his swim trunks, hand resting against his bottom as it seemed to freeze and firm in her grip.

"This is an all-around deal," she informed him. She didn't wait for his inevitable protest as she pushed it along the back and front of the thighs, practically ripping the shorts off of him at some points in her determination. "It's payment for your trying to help me."

He couldn't manage more than a strangled yelp, his entire lower body numbed from her hand, including – most recently – his groin. He could feel something deep inside of him stirring, though, a feeling of pleasure that tickled against his senses as he squirmed against his grip.

"Don't do that," she muttered. He thought he felt her fingernail catch itself on something, but he couldn't be sure.

The fingers yanked out again, another squirt of the white bottle splaying more white lotion on them as she moved onto his stomach. He was certain the skin was getting lighter as she pressed her hands against it, rubbing it slowly up to his shoulders and wrists. She circled around the nipples, gently rubbing it into arms, shoulders, and even between the fingers. She made him close his eyes before putting it on the face as well, and he was fairly certain he could feel her tugging against his shirt.

"W-What are you-?"

"Shush," she ordered him, hands slapping against his nipples. He froze again, the cold reaching down to some familiar pleasure. It rushed outwards instead of staying inside, this time, flooding out in gentle warmth that spread throughout his whole body. It felt different, the breasts especially, unfamiliar feelings making him shiver as he felt something being squeezed. He felt as if his nipples were a foot away from his flesh.

"Well?" she demanded. "You going to put on your shirt or am I going  to have to hold your nipples all day?"

He opened his eyes carefully, letting out a squeak when he saw the gentle curves of breasts ending in Jane's hands. He bent down and grabbed the shirt, trying not to scream when they swung free; the cloth pulled uncomfortably tight around them, almost straining to be free as he rubbed his hands against them. "I have…"

"A bit of a parts change, Aje. Nothing more." She gave the new girl a slight peck on the lips, her finger momentarily poking against Aje's groin to drive the point home as the girl fidgeted. Flopping down, she unhooked her bra and pointed at the suntan lotion.

"Now put it on. And no complaining and crying that you wanna be turned back, either. You can do that on your own time, when I won't have to look at it." She fidgeted herself a moment before adding, "You might be a cry baby, but you just so happen to be the bravest girl I know, alright? Now act like it."

Aje nodded, grabbing the lotion hurriedly and pouring it on as she put the lotion on the girl – it read "Feminization Protection Cream," now that she got a look at it – without a word. Judging from the way Jane shivered, Aje didn't think her friend was so oblivious to attention anymore.
Enjoy. :)

Kiribian for :iconwhammied:
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Neframe Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
Jane's pretty creapy.
Dartmuth Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
One of my favorites
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
Whammied Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
Hmm, TG? Wonder how much SPF that lotion provides as well XD.
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
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I wonder what those bullies would think if they had seen that. XD
One confusing part though, partway throught the TG it says "he was fairly certain he could feel her tugging against his shirt," even though he didn't have the shirt on. Was that just a mistake?
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2010
Interesting things? :P

It was meant to be hair. ^^;
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