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December 12, 2010
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Jessica felt odd; Jessica often felt odd, actually, but he rarely admitted it to anyone but his parents, who always told him it was a perfectly natural part of growing up. They'd explained all of it to him in great detail, actually, steadily plodding on until he had almost run out of the room in tears; that had been when he was five, and simply wanted to know why his name was Jessica, when he was always to tell everyone his name was Jess.

Now that he was eighteen, his name was starting to seem like the worst of his worries. "Um… te-" he clamped his jaws shut before the teacher could focus on him, focusing on the textbook in front of him and hoping that nobody would notice his burning cheeks. His voice had sounded soft and feminine, too odd to come from his broad chested frame. Not that it would matter in a moment,  he supposed, but it was embarrassing; almost as embarrassing as telling them his groin hurt.

Glancing at the clock, he wondered if he could manage to hold on long enough for the class to end. Feeling the sudden spike of pain in his nether regions, he didn't think he was going to have much choice in the matter either way.  Even his parents wouldn't fault him for remaining in class, when the alternative would be falling in the hallway. He was sitting in the back row, anyway, beyond anyone's notice or desire to care. He'd be fine. Despite the assurances, he whimpered a little when the next spike came.

It was a moment later that his manhood finally turned on itself, a drop of blood sliding down his lips as he tried to hold in his scream; it hurt, though most of it didn't come from his penis itself. That was bad enough, feeling the head slowly work its way backward, but the worse came from his body making room for it. He could feel the flesh tearing itself apart, his stomach gurgling as the organs shifted around the changes. When his manhood finally slid inside it was a relief, the tender flesh pulling open a little as he shifted his legs; they felt strange, too, thicker but smooth. It was with a slight grimace that he realized why, hesitantly shifting inside of his shorts in order to be rid of the fallen body hair.

There was another jolt of pain, this time traveling across his entire body;  he could feel his entire form condensing, the arms and legs squeezing inwards, crushing his organs for a moment before they shifted; he glanced hurriedly at the clock, trying to shove aside his panic; two minutes left. He could hold out for two minutes, he thought, crossing his legs and waiting it out.

Ignoring his self-assurance, his arms burned as the body hair fell out, the skin turning a lighter shade as the shape of his arms subtly shifted. He had never been strong, before, but now they looked downright slender, what little visible muscle he had fading into something more subtle. He pushed experimentally at the desk, pleased by how quickly it pushed away, and blushed again when he realized the noise had brought attention. A few pairs of eyes lingered on him a moment longer, but they were all turned away before the next pain hit his sides.

His shift felt horridly baggy on him, now that his sides had curved; his swelling hips and bottom made the shorts feel too tight, and too big all at the same time thanks to his smaller size. His burning face made him want to find a bucket of ice water and plunge into it. His curved lips wanted to open up in a scream. He glanced at the clock, anyway, tapping a foot in the too large sneakers. One minute left; and his nipples were itching.

He clamped burning hands against his shirt with a sinking feeling, trying not to twitch too much as his fingers turned slender. It was a lost cost and he knew it, but he kept his hands tightly placed, even when the skin began to bud against his palms. They hurt as much as the other changes, but there was a pleasant tingle to it mixed in, growing along with the breast as the flesh pushed its way through his fingers. The previously too loose shirt was straining to contain them by the time he dropped his hands, disgusted with his lack of ability to do anything useful. Thirty seconds left, he realized, puckering his lips; the transformation had taken remarkably little time, considering it was the end of his life as he knew it.

A sudden burst of pain around his scalp almost made him scream despite all his efforts, and his fingers clutched against the desk so hard he was surprised nothing broke.  Brown hair was falling in cascades down his back, waves of  it flowing down to the floor, constantly making his head itch.

It stopped a few short seconds before the bell rang, and he glared at it in annoyance; nobody bothered to look behind them, though, and he made a point of getting out of his chair slowly.

Hair concealing his face, he slowly packed up his books into his bag, and sighed. Disregarding the veneer of masculinity she'd maintained for eighteen years, the new girl walked out into the crowd with her head held hig

Her time as Jess the boy was over, along with most of the life she'd always known; it was time to be Jessica, the princess; and then, once she had firmly established her claim on the throne that was hers by right, it would be time to come to school again.

She hoped ousting the tyrant who had taken her biological mother's throne would take a while; being a princess sounded a lot less scary than being the new girl.
It's almost five AM, and I made this up as I went, but I hope you enjoy this little glance into someone's life. :)
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Third to last paragraph, last word. Your missing an "h" and a punctuation.
did i fix that yet...
No you didn't "the new girl walked out into the crowd with her head held hig" I think you mean "high.", not "hig"
smchronos Dec 12, 2010
Yeah. I'm a little confused on this one. So, he was a guy who randomly turned into a girl? Is this another personality finally taking over? Were the parents aware of him changing into a girl (I couldn't tell)? Since the class never said anything, is it like Jess the guy never existed?
Biological girl disguised as a guy. :P There was a similar plot point in something :iconhipperreed: did, once, and probably in other stories as well; no memory of ever being a girl, of course. (And why would anyone notice? Do you notice who is or isn't in your class when the bell rings? :P )
From what I understand, she was sent into hiding after her mother was ousted by some other guy and was turned into a male to hide her identity. Since she hit 18 and was mature enough to make her own decisions, the spell wore off and her memories of her biological mother came back.
smchronos Dec 12, 2010
Oh, that explains a lot. I'm not sure how I missed that much of the story. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.
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