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September 14, 2010
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"I can't believe you actually work in a place like this," grinned Brian, glancing around the area. His fingers ran across a shelf, his mouth moving softly as he read the descriptions. "TG gun, fox ear injections, cat tail snacks, knife of life - warning, resurrected people will be female…" he paused at that one, grinning at Jake before continuing. "Unknown gloves. You don't know what these do?"

Jake shook his head, amused at his friends curiosity. "We don't actually produce the stuff, here, except for a few reproductions which tend to be… faulty…" he glanced at the knife as he spoke, grimacing a little. "Word to the wise? Never try to reproduce a life giving knife. It's harder than it sounds, and it sounds pretty damn impossible. It's what got my predecessor fired."

Brian smirked, though his gaze flickered to it too. He wasn't entirely certain whether or not Jake was joking.

"From what I hear, it's all manufactured by some mystery woman who refuses to have anything to do with the company. She sends stuff over when its done with it, we send her a paycheck. Once in a while she sends off an order or something which everyone obeys… I hear her name's Felicia, or something. " she shrugged. "Anyway, my job is to simply arrange quality tests and such for objects, and make sure we get a proper amount of test subjects for new equipment. Sometimes we get stuff like this, without proper instructions." He shot off a grin, letting it fade into a worried frown when Brian picked them up.

"So, what? These are transformational tools?" he asked, gazing at them.

Jake nodded, keeping a worried eye on him, and giving a quiet sigh of relief when nothing happened. He did his best to repress the mirroring frustration that he still had no idea what they did. "Sometimes. Most of the time. Sometimes she sends things more for public use - like supplies that can clean any stain, or a device that lets cars fly, or something that spawns unique pets… We've almost managed to reproduce that one, actually, if we can just get past their slight tendency to view us as meat…" He smiled again, trailing off a little as he kept an eye on Brian's face. It had been a while since he'd been actually able to share details of work with his friend. Permissions took a while to come down from the lower levels.

Brian just grinned for his part, running a hand across the glove. "It feels like leather. I don't see any wires or anything…"

"You won't find any," Jake remarked, cautiously. He kept an eye on it, tensed at the edge of his seat in case his friend made a motion to put the glove on. No one had tried putting it on yet. "When she makes clothes like this, its often nanites or such. Sometimes she uses some microscopic form of wiring, I suppose… we're not really certain other than that it works, whatever the hell it does. We're not even sure this one came from her… Are you done with those?"

"Don't be such a worrywart,' he grinned, tossing the pair. "It's not like I'm gonna rip them."

Jake simply glared in response, grasping at the cuffs, his thumb grazing across the inside. He stiffened at the content, yanking his hand free with the feeling of electricity running through him. "That's dangerous," he warned. "I could have ended up with my hand inside or something…" Would it have been so bad? he wondered. It might have been fun. It could have done something fun. It's fun to do things that are fun. "It's dangerous," he repeated, more to himself than anything."

"You said that already," Brian pointed out with a pointed yawn. "Come on. Put away the gloves and come join me - we'll go get some ice cream, or something."

"Yeah," Jake whispered, rising slowly. But what if he didn't put the gloves away. What if he used the gloves. It could be fun to use the gloves. He might enjoy using the gloves. His fingers slipped inside automatically, leather pulling tight around one hand before he began to work at the other.

"I thought you said that wasn't safe," pointed out Brian; he didn't sound concerned.

Jake blinked at him, staring down at his hands for a moment. The gloves were already on both, the palms gently sweating within. It didn't feel dangerous. It didn't feel dangerous at all. He didn't even feel odd, he told himself. The slight burning sensations in his hands was most likely completely normal.

As normal as his desire to reach out, he smiled to himself, his desire to grip Brian by the arm and pull him close. His friend was protesting, but he ignored it. That was normal too. Everything was normal. Normal as can be. The arm was getting more slender, the body hair disappearing as it began slender, and the friends struggle became more pitiful. Normal. This wasn't anything like what Felicia had done before. He wasn't even sure it was science. But it was normal. Normal.

Jake smiled, not hearing Brians squeals as he gripped his friends hair. Long hair, luscious hair. Hair that trailed to the floor and slid between his fingers. Beautiful hair to frame a face, a face of soft eyes and gentle features; a female face. A normal female face, the way a normal female face should be, with soft kissable lips he gently met. Normal.

He felt the growing pressure of breasts against him, rigid nipples rubbing against his shirt as friend squirmed. Normal. The rigidiness of the thighs as he gently stroked them, normal. The momentary hardness between the legs giving way to softness beneath the jeans, before they turned to skirts, normal. The satiny feel of panties when she gently stroked them, normal.

A hand slapped him across the face, long fingernails gently scraping along the surface of his cheek as he blinked. Not normal. He stared for a moment, open mouthed as Bridgette - Brian, he reminded himself, forcefully, yanked the gloves off of him and stomped on them before heading out the door. He winced, trying to sort through the thoughts and feelings. This was most definitely not normal.

Besides which, he was most definitely in trouble.
I may have to rewrite this one, later... was meant to be the prequel to [link](You're an Idiot), but I'm not really happy...

Maybe just one of those days - I'm sick, and a bit tired, and I wanna be done... I don't know... *Sighs*
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