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"They caught me by surprise; caught me unaware as I looked through the dresser, their tight pink waistrap slowly winding its way around my flesh, binding my hands together as it slowly worked up my arm, gripping at my shoulders. I attempted to break its hold on me; it resisted, holding tight enough to cut into my flesh, hurting me the more I struggled, cruelly countering my attempts for freedom with a vicious content that threatened to destroy my lasts hopes.

"Slowly it wound its way about my neck, tightening at my throat until I could hardly breathe without the spandex cutting at my windpipe. It tightened further, finally separating itself from my shoulders.

"My fingers dug at it desperately, but it wouldn't come free, wouldn't even peel back enough for me to get a fingerhold, its cotton cloth burning my neck as it slowly wound its way around my neck, covering my mouth and muffling my cries of irritation. The air came in shallowly and musky, my nose working to get what air it could until it too was covered, the cloth smashing it down to maintain its perfect grip that no finger was allowed to penetrate.

"I resisted still, not understanding; not recognizing the futility, the inevitability of that seemingly happenstance event. My fingernails scraped against the cloth without penetration as it worked above my eyes, my neck free but my head consumed. For a moment the world was pink.

"Then the holes aligned, allowing my sight as my muffled breath worked through the attacking flesh, weak at first but building up strength as I got used to it. I could feel the power flowing through my veins, the strength to pick up chairs and the speed to outrun children. My eyes burned with their new power – the capacity to see a resting bullet, the ability to close my eyes for hours at a time. All of it burned through my veins, the knowledge of new abilities continuously pouring in. To hear a cry feet away; to walk the distance of five blocks without growing too tired; to smell a dung heap while nearly passing by. The power was so great it threatened to hurt, doubling me over in a sudden pain as my chest stung.

"I could feel my powers pressing at them from below,my hair bursting out beneath its new covering, flowing in massive waves down my narrowing back to droop across my suddenly thicker bottom. I let out a many gasp; as I felt my body changing to process my powers, my waist narrowing, my skin tingling, so light and sensitive; it was then that I knew where my true power lied.

"In that moment, as my hips grew slowly outward, I realized what I had been placed upon the earth to do, and a sense of accomplishment caused me to bounce and giggle, as my new, stronger, chest flopped. It was in that second, as my nipples rubbed against my shirt and my hair flounced against my buttocks, that Pantie Man was born!

"Over the next few hours I learned to control my startling new abilities, shrinking away my magnificent breasts and growing them again for my training as I learned to crush things with their length, smack people with their tips, and understand why they felt so tingly at the edges. I learned to make them swing as I walk, or flounce when I bounced, and I learned to whip my hair at people. Mostly I learned how to reduce or enhance my changes, growing and shrinking parts of my flesh to the accompaniment of my giggles; it hurt, but a hero's work is rarely without pain, and never without discomfort. But, as I grew to understand over the next several days of nipple training, it is not without its own pleasures and rewards, unseen by the normal human eye but known well by those with powers like myself. There is a certain relish in learning how to do a new skill, a certain pleasure in trying to crush a beer bottle beneath one's breast that normal mortal's shall never understand…  For those who do not understand the touch of  a finger upon their large nippled flesh, I can only pity them, for knowing that they will never truly be aware of what it means to be a hero… Thankfully, Pantie Man will always be present to fight crime in their name!"

Shawn blinked at the hero, tilting his head a little. "You mean fight crime with… nipples?"

"With the power of growing breasts! And panties! Yes! I assure you my panty powered grappling hook is quite powerful against the perverts of this world! I practiced with it for hours; my sister was a devious foe in her attempt to gain the cloth, but she was foiled again and again."

"But your power is to grow breasts?" Shawn pressed. "And… the rest of you? Are you… You know… The hips, and the waist, and the…" Shawn sighed, leaning forward. "Are you sure you didn't just turn into a-"

"Did I mention that I also have the power to make other people grow breasts?" the hero asked, smiling widely.

"…So… Fighting crime with breasts, huh?"
I was going to do a lindalites tonight, but it'll have to be tomorrow - didn't feel up to it. ^^;

Anyway, this is Pantie Man! Inspired by me, and my pantie stories, but first drawn (and thought up, really) by :icongodendag:, he recently made a return recently - and was kinda credited to me?

So I figured I'd make an even bigger mess of ownership and write this. :D

(Hey, godendag, doesn't this just give you all sorts of ideas? :D )_
Godendag Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice, and so very wrong:XD:

Here's something on the same line [link]
dragon8writer Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
...I wonder if those two ever team up? Fighting crime with breasts and panties! (At the same time in Panty Man's case!)

...He insists I point out the continued use of Man in his name (although I think he's deluding herself.)
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