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Felicia turned the oval disk over in her hand, examining the bottom for some sign of who had made it. She'd found it on her door step, dented and bruised. Shutting off its weakened vocal cords and taking it apart had been easy, with her tools, though repairing its transformative abilities while simultaneously cutting off access had been a little bit harder; for the first nanosecond, anyway.

"You going to be still and behave, or am I going to have to cancel your upgrade?" The machine vibrated softly in her hand, all the movement abilities she'd left it; it would have to do.

Stretching her arms out a little, she clicked the metal tips of her fingernails, activating the mechanics located around the room; she'd given her assistant the day off to make sure nothing would go wrong with the machine, which meant doing her own work; or as much of her own work as she ever did.

The android rose from the floor with a few complex movements of her fingertips, burnished steel shining a little in the florescent lighting; she'd had the materials special delivered and had crafted the blue prints by hand while she waited; the construction would have been done by a machine she herself had created as a time saver, most likely during the first few minutes of her examination. Despite that, she made a point of studying the robot carefully, testing the joints for security. The alloy was strong but flexible; perhaps a little more so than a real arm. Realism was important, but functionality more so.  

"The legs will enable you to walk faster than you were built to levitate, but they're built to tire," she warned after a moment. "There's an override for that, but I don't want you forgetting what humans can and can't do, so I'd prefer you not use it; I've already had you enrolled in the school, as our new hall monitor. You're free to pick your own punishments for the school bullies, of course, but make sure you release the proper nanites into the water to fix any memory problems." Felicia waited for the telltale sound of metal vibrating against metal, and then gave a soft nod. "I'd assume you sent a distress signal to your mechanic when you first arrived; correct?"

There was a moment's hesitation this time, dragging on until she wondered if she'd have to use the override. "Bot…" It vibrated.

She grinned, a little relieved as she went back to the android in front of her, running a finger across the cleft in its forehead. It looked to be shaped right, but there was only one way to check. Turning around, she picked up the cylindrical robot. "I trust you don't have any problems working alongside your mechanic?"

Another vibration, a little more eager this time; Felicia smiled as she slid into the cleft. "Perfect fit."

The robot glowed, sealing itself satisfactorily. She watched a moment until the skin began to pour out, covering the metal. The blood should be pumping through it already, lungs pumping inside the machine as the robot became something more organic; it might take an hour or two to get started, however, and she had things to do in the meantime.

Fingers drifting across the lab in thought, she wiggled a symbol in response to the mental inventory she'd hand implanted in her mind. The appearing vile was small but important, not to mention conveniently capable of sticking to her lab coat. She jostled a little bit to make sure it was in place before heading down the hallway and to the end door.

The slab of metal felt cold to her touch, too heavy for most people to move in its off position, since her assistant was away. It swung free with a gentle application of force from her magnetics, revealing the rows of lockers beyond.

It was a well-kept secret that she had a lab in the girl's locker room, though she did let a rumor or two spread from time to time; rumors of strange events kept people from taking things too seriously, though it was a lesser kept secret that her school wasn't normal. She preferred they not know how strange, however, or they might stop coming to it

She was less worried about the police than about losing her source of subjects and social contact, her ways of finding what the people of the world wanted and needed; she wouldn't get in trouble no matter what they told the police about her experiments, no matter whether they were even believed. The school wasn't on American soil.

Technically, she suspected it wasn't on the earth's soil, thanks to the dimensional bubble she'd placed around the area. More important, however, was the fact that it was registered along the lines of a foreign embassy to one of the islands she had created, a place whose laws copied that of the United States in almost everything but its restrictions on her research. It would be troublesome to set up the same elsewhere. She preferred to keep things secret, which meant tying up loose ends before they attached themselves to something new.

"Are you going to keep following me?"

There was a grunt of surprise behind her, followed by a growl as she turned. "I want ShopBot back."

"You let her get quite beaten up, you know," Felicia remarked without concern, brushing aside a strand of hair from her face. He wasn't that far from high school himself, she suspected, his born hair occasionally sliding down to cover a pair of equally brown eyes; boring, but with a wary stance that added to what she'd been able to extrapolate from the so called "ShopBot." She uncorked the vile without looking, keeping her eyes fully on him as the information came to her.

"You may call me Felicia," she remarked, after a moment.

"Ell. What do you mean she was beaten up?" he had begun to gravitate towards her, but it was useless; it had only taken a few minutes for her nanites to reach her, sending her a continuous flow of information; besides some rather curious information about his energy signature, they were keeping her more than well appraised of his movements. She made no move to back away, though.

"I meant what I said; she looked like she had been hit by a car, most likely activating her transformational ray in the process. The driver, or whoever else was hit, most likely became reasonably upset and tossed her aside like a Frisbee; my assistant found her outside the gates, too weak to create a proper beam but strong enough to get the beginnings; I had to send Adallia home, in case something finished the job with results I didn't like." Felica's mouth twisted at that; she hated to give the former male any leeway. But she wouldn't have enjoyed it if the transformation had gotten messy, either.

"So why did I stop getting a distress signal?" he demanded, continuing to move towards her.

"Because I turned it off; I need her as a hall monitor, perhaps even more than you desire to have her safe. Someone who can keep the school running during troubled times, and watches what I don't have time for. And I need you to stay with her, for moral support; as a sister."

"And why would I agree with that?" his legs were tensing, the muscles preparing to spring.

"Other than because I will pay you handsomely? Besides the fact that your ShopBot will undeniably enjoy the job I am about to give her? I suppose the answer will be because you don't have a choice." She watched as his legs dropped from beneath him, the breath rushing painfully out of him as he slammed into the floor. "You've entered my domain. The penalty for doing so without a visitor's badge is a year in my service, after which parole becomes negotiable; I'm sure you'll greatly value your time here."

"What… what did you…" his arm went jerked in a spasm, metal shining through it for a moment before disappearing beneath skin again.

"I'm stimulating your… I suppose you could call them allergies, Ella? The peculiar energy you emit seems capable of causing you to transform if exposed to the proper stimuli; I've set the nanites to stimulate it, and to augment that energy, for the next year or so.  I trust you'll have fun."

Ella's voice came out in a squeak, her manhood no doubt gone by now as it slid inside. Her skin glowed, metal bits occasionally breaking through painlessly and sliding back, the breasts jutting out like two missiles that slowly rounded, reducing a little but still straining against the shirt. She watched those curiously, keeping track of the slow curves the developed along his sides and rear, the way the hair grew out down to the newly curved bottom, his hairless arms twitching every now and then as circuits wired their way through.

She truly did hope the girls would enjoy themselves; she didn't like being mean, but she intended to do what was necessary for her school; for her research, she reminded herself. It wouldn't due to get attached to people; people died, after all.

With a sigh, she went to activate Ella's new sister. Orientation was going to take a while.
I don't particularly like this style, but it fits the character I suppose...

It's been a while since I've used Felicia - though there's even a picture of her out over at

Bit of background: Biologically, Felicia is the daughter of my Dr. Sander's character (not that either currently knows this.)'

She's also the adopted daughter of a woman who's now dead, and who's sort of the indirect reason for Felicia's attitude and intelligence.

She was always smart as a girl, mind you. Smart enough to hack and combine the research of several others with her own in order to create a machine capable of boosting her intelligence even further. Which in turns was an ends to a means, which she used to basically crack the secret to immortality.

Which her mother, sighing lovingly about such a foolish child, refused before dying of terminal illness; ouch.

Unfortunately, since Felicia had tested the serum on herself... Well, yeah; that's Felicia for ya.

I think she just sorta tries not to care. ^^;

Also to note - ShopBot, Ell, and Ella are characters of :iconrobiotic:. Respect them! love them! Hug their female curves! Or something. :P
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I haven't read much on this type of writing, but I'm sure it would be very difficult for me to try to do something like this. Great job, dear. <3
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Aw, thanks. ^^; Felicia's just analytical; my writing is heavily character based when it comes to style. (Even I don't know what style I'm going to use until I start. 0,o )
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Lol, well, I'm only good at realistic fiction. But I still thought your story was wonderfully done. :rudolph:
dragon8writer Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2010
Thanks. :)
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Welcome. :meow:
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