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March 31, 2010
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The water poured against his body, sluicing across his form as he moaned. He breathed in the steam as it filled the room, his eyes closing as the soap gently caressed his form. He paused for  a moment, the loofah dangling in his fingers as the steam entered his lungs. He basked in it, letting the tingles of cleanness spread throughout his body before continuing again.

He didn't bother to open his eyes as his arm moved through the custom shower's steam. He knew the path to take, feeling the brush slide up and down against his body, momentarily pausing at the sensitivity of his chest, then continuing onward without a second thought. He groaned a little at the tingling, his fingers stretching downward quickly to swipe between his legs as he continued, moving it across his bottom as the water ran him clean. His shoulders rotated, a feeling of satisfaction running through him as the last specks of dust crumbled free to fall upon the slippery floor beneath.

His fingers closed on the shampoo bottle, the pink plastic flexing in his hands as he gripped it. He pulled it towards him, the soap squirting into his palm as he lathered it into his hair. He dragged his fingers through it, feeling it slide easily through as he smiled, shaking his head to free it from water before stepping from the shower.

He couldn't see, the steam riding up against his flesh as the tingles began to die down. He didn't need to see, the movements inscribed into his being as he gently picked up a towel, wrapping it around his body. His hand paused at the rough feel of it against his breasts, his hands hesitating momentarily at the sensitivity before putting it off with a shrug. He walked to the sink, shaving cream sliding into his hand and against startling smooth skin. He put the razor too it anyway, letting it slide against the skin without impact before brushing it next. His teeth were next, a shudder of surprise and confusion sliding through him as his arm brushed against his chest. His hand faltered for a moment, hitting the wall as he yelped, his voice curiously soft.

He closed his eyes, reasserting his position before carefully lifting up the toothpaste and sliding it onto his brush, putting it into his mouth and scrubbing before leaning forward to spit. He paused again, the liquid trapped in his mouth as his crotch pressed against the hard tile, a curious sensation bringing a blush to his face. He ignored it by force, refusing to focus on what it might mean as he set his hand to hovering again.

He picked up the brush next, sliding it smoothly through waves of hair and downward. He could feel the hair griping at the brush, the slight tug insisting he go further and further as he traced it all the way down to the floor. He brushed it again, pulling it over his shoulder to stroke it smoothly and evenly as his heart raced. He refused to let it get to him, refused to let the thought so much as enter his mind as he carefully placed the brush down, and turned for the door.

The screen of steam left him as he left the room, his eyes trailing across his form with startlemant. His eyes opened wide as they took in the breasts, full and heavy as the towel rubbed against his nipples. His fingers traced along the top, dipping momentarily into the cleavage to make sure they were real before trailing the rest of the body down hungrily.

The towel dropped away as his hands felt the sides, curving inward and blossoming out with the hips. He lifted a leg to slide against the skin, eyes widening with every inch. He glanced down last, unable to see much past the breasts as the finger dipped into the groin. She squirmed at the alien feeling, her fingers hesitating along the lip and going no further as it poked through the hair.

She smiled, last of all, her eyes lit with happiness as she gently scooped the towel up around her, tying it up with precision as the cold circulation was cut off. She walked towards the bedroom, blinking as vision continued to return to her for the first time in years, and grinning as she felt her legs slide across the bed without the impediment of hair.

Gently, she lifted the phone from it's carrier, biting against her lip as she thought of what to do now, and who to call first. She hesitated, punching in a number, then another, before hitting end and thinking again. It dangled in her fingers again as she tried to make up her mind, finally punching in the number of a friend, the first call of many.

She had a whole new life to live, after all, and only so many days left to spend it.
Many thanks to :iconmajorkerina: for the idea! :)
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platinummyr Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting. So he was blind?
got a kinda poetic feel to it
Dinadan-Ermorfea Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting. One question - has he undergone a mental change, or was she trapped in a male body and has been released?
Don't think there was a mental change - might be thinking of it is a chance to explore, might have always wanted it, might just be happy enough with the eyes, or... I don't know.

Writing the first half with the shower, this just seemed like how it should end.
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