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June 20, 2010
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Alec fingered the shirt in front of him, biting his lip a little as the rough fabric slid between his fingers. It scratched against his palm a little, hard enough to make him shudder at the idea of wearing it.

"I don't know why your dad bought you something like that," grinned Alice, sending shudders up and down his spine as she pressed her breasts against his back. Her hands slipped around him, seeming unconcerned by her close contact with him as she fingered the material. "It's so rough… So tough. Sooo…."

"Butch?" he offered, eying the jagged sleeves with distaste. He wondered if they'd actually had someone rip them off, or just thrown it into a blender and sold the finished result. Considering the sand paper quality of the cloth, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

He felt her nodding against him, breasts rubbing up and down her back as she moved. He wondered if she knew how crazy it was driving him, before realizing that she probably just didn't care. She was the one who kept informing him she was into girls, anyway. "I bet you could do something about it," she murmured into his ear, her breath against his skin playing havoc with his hormones.

He swallowed hard, trying to keep the telltale shudder from his voice as he answered, "You know I don't like doing that…"

His breath caught when she squeezed against him tighter, making him reevaluate whether she really didn't care as she tightened her arms around him. "Come oooon," she whispered in his ear. "You don't have to do much… just enough to make it fit you…"

"I don't like doing that," he repeated, trying for firm though his voice was quivering. "It's been getting.. .easier… Plus, it's starting to leak out - I don't' want another Jess, incident, demanding to know why his hair grew long."

"But you're sooooo close to getting the hang of it," she purred into voice, her voice soft enough to make the eighteen year old melt against her chest. He felt them digging into his back, not making any motions to remove himself from the trap as she added, "you knout I love it when you do that trick."

He hesitated before nodding, uncertainty making his forehead crinkle as he gently reached out to grip the shirt again. He felt something inside him slip free, a stirring in his stomach that stretched out through his chest and groin, before pouring down his arm and tingling through his fingers. The cloth grew warm in his grip, the jagged edges evening out as the dark blue lightened in color. His upturned lips moved to concern instead when the power didn't stop, his grip convulsing around the softened material as blue turned to pink. He bit his lip again when the neckline began to deepen, adding pressure until the pain caused him to gasp.

His breath came out in pants as his hand snapped open, the pink blouse swinging back into the closet as he sighed. "You said… I was getting closer to controlling it," he whispered around his bursts of breath.

"You are," she promised, gently pushing him towards the wall. "You just need to push yourself a little harder…"

Alec's last breath burst from him as his hand smacked into the picture of his friend Jace. The heat poured from him again, the boy in the picture becoming more feminine, his facial features growing smaller as he shrank in upon himself. He gasped, unable to keep himself from gawking as the shirt in the picture shifted to pink, the boys hair growing down to the floor as his body seemed to soften. He gripped his arm in desperation, stiffening as the flow of power cut off from his right hand, and flowed into his arm. He felt it twitch, his small but present muscles  convulsing for a moment before slipping away. He could feel the heat intensifying inside him, getting stronger as his clothes began to creak. He heard Alice giggling in the background as he spun to face her.

"You… what did you…"

"Shh," she whispered, placing a finger on his lips as her brown hair grew down to the floor. She kissed him lightly on the lips, taking his hand as he felt his face burn. His bones moved beneath the skin, the sound of a crack making him queasy for a moment before her tug slid between his now pouting lips. She pulled out when he felt himself stiffening, smiling a bit as she patted against his groin. "Not yet," she murmured, moving his unresisting hands away from each other.

He couldn't control his body any more, his body completely poseable to her as she gently shifted his right arm across his chest, wrapping his against his side. She tucked his left arm over it, pressing it down his pants until it touched against his groin. She grinned, pecking him on the lips again as he stared unmovingly forward, the heat rising and falling inside his body as it poured through the outlets she had given it.

He could feel his nipples rubbing against the shirt, the cloth soft and silky against what should have been tough fabric. He saw the cloth pushing forward out of the corner of his eye, the light pink blouse opening at the neckline to reveal cleavage. The palm of his hand slipped through the opening, slipping to touch the soft flesh as the circuit fully completed itself.

His breath was coming in gasps, again, a steady rhythm in time with the pumping of his heart and the pulse beat of his power. It moved inside him, his thighs thickening out bit by bit as the body hair disappeared from him in a wash. He felt his feet slip out from under him as the bones crunched inward, his stiff pose unmoving as he collapsed to the floor. His breasts looked enormous from the new angle, Alice's body appearing high above the rising and falling mountains now vibrating with the heat.

He could feel the breeze against his arm, the strange new feel of it informing him that there was nothing left of their masculine form. The hair growing across his eyes confirmed the continuing change, blonde tresses moving down to drape against his breast as they curled down beneath his back. He felt it tickling against him, unable to squirm as his back shifted in form, his waist collapsing inwards as the bones in his hips shoved out.

He felt himself lifting slightly as his butt pressed out, his size shortening. A sound emerged from him as he felt something beneath his pants tightening, his voice coming out soft and breathy. He felt the breeze moving against his les, something ruffling against them as he tried to peek around the strange sight of his breasts to find what had happened of his legs. He could see the drifting corner of a skirt, light pink to match his skirt. It looked like something a cheer leader might wear, he decided, blushing a little at the thought. His vision of femininity come to life, no doubt.

He watched helpless as Alice stalked towards him, the tightening beneath his skirt continuing as he felt something deep within tug. She bent down carefully, lifting the skirt with a whistle of appreciation. "It takes a bold mind to wear black panties with that outfit," she informed him, a smile crawling across her face. "They seem to be getting tighter, too," she added, his breath escaping him as they squeezed across his manhood.

He felt something crack inside him, the last bit of masculinity he owned sliding up between his fingers and into his legs. She felt the heat die down at last, tears leaking through her eyes as she felt control returning to her body. Her hands scrabbled against the floor, pushing her upright and against the wall before clutching at her skirt.

She clung to it tighter as Alice came towards her, lifting it enough to notice her panties were pink through the haze of fear. She tried to focus on the fact, to ignore Alice's presence as the girl's hands pressed to either side of her. A small squeak escaped her lips anyway when the girl kissed he lightly on the lips, pulling free a moment later. "I knew you'd look hot, Alecia."

"What did you do to me?" the new girl squeaked, trying to sound brave. It would have helped if her voice wasn't still coming out as breathy.

"It's your power, remember?" she reminded the girl, smiling softly. "I just brought it out of you. Took you long enough to give in, too," she added. "A couple more weeks, and you would have gone nuclear on us… and trust me, the world's not ready to be feminine just yet."

Alecia hesitated for a moment, heartbeat slowing down a little as she looked over Alice's stance, sexual but non-threatening. "How do you know?" she asked, after a moment.

"Because the Feminine Touch was supposed to be mine," she shrugged, a tiny trace of envy creeping into her voice. "I was the 'chosen one,' or whatever the hell you're supposed to call it. Something about star allignments. Unfortunately, you were born at the same time and place as me, and there was a bit of a… mixup, at our births. Their machinery registered you as the correct match, and they let the power slip into you instead of me." She shrugged, letting the envy slip away as she smiled. "'Course, then they recruited the original me to rectify the situation, before the power had a chance to go nova in a boy body… it takes a girl to work it properly, you know. Boys either bottle it up or let it go in floods."

She shrugged her shoulders, arching her back a tiny bit to make her cleavage press out without being too obvious. "Since me and you were already friends, I figured I might as well accept the fate of humanity before they decided to take it into their heads to kill you. Got a problem with that?" she demanded, expression turning a little fierce.

Alecia shook his head fiercely, relieved when she smiled. "Is that the… Um… only reason?" she asked, hesitant to make her friend frown again, but still unable to resist. "That you… that you did this to me? Just the fate of the world?"

"'Course not," shrugged Alice, waiting for Alecia's expression to turn hesitant. "I already said that I knew you'd be a beautiful girl."

"Oh," Alecia whispered, pausing before whispering it again. Her face grew warm again as Alice's breasts rubbed against her own, the kiss containing a little bit more need than before as Alice wrapped her arms against her. She hesitated a moment more, remembering the signs and symbols she'd never bothered to resist, wondering how much was the power and how much was herself. With a shrug of despair she let the thoughts slip through her grip, wrapping her arms around her friend as she let herself be kissed. There'd be plenty of time to worry about it later, she knew. To figure out the moral implications of her new control, and the personal applications of what it had cost her.

For now, she finally had Alice as a girlfriend, even if not quite in the way she'd imagined, and she, for one, saw no reason to ever give that up. She kissed back.
A story inspired from an idea :iconmajorkerina: gave me. She intended something longer, but... well... intent and result are distant cousins, particularly in the story world. :P

I hope everyone enjoys the story! :D
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I really need to start redoing folders, before long. (I will, promise. :P Right now i'm combing through the gallery for other reasons though.)
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