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April 7, 2010
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Jared bit his lip as he glanced at Kerina, blushing as she returned his look with a small smile. His heart beat harder as he glanced at her again, watching from the corner of his eye as she pulled her shirt overhead. It caught on her bathing suit as it went up, tugging her breasts upward as Jared looked away again. A small laugh told him she'd been aware of him, a small nudge of her hip making him turn towards her again.

He gaped a little at the sight, watching her hair trail against the bare shoulder as she gently tugged at the hooks behind her back, her breasts jiggling a little bit as the cloth bit in. She tugged up the bottom of her bikini next, letting the cloth slide up her skin as she stalked smoothly past him, hips sashaying as she slid towards the closest water slide.

He wished for a moment that he could be with her, as something other than her friend. That Kerina could be happy in her female body, and that he could be happy in his own, and the two of them could be happy together. He let the thought die as soon as it began, knowing in part that it wouldn't work without the zappy, and in truth that he wouldn't want it too. They enjoyed their bodies, loved themselves, and were comfortable with their flesh - but Kerina still wanted a chance, and if he was honest with himself, he wanted the same.

He let out a small sigh as he followed, the pavement slapping against the bare flesh of his feet as he walked after her. A splash of water smacked into his face as a screaming girl slid into the pool. The cold bit into his neck, making him regret his choice for a moment as he hurried after his friend, scratching the wet hair from his neck. He wondered for a moment if it was longer  than it had been, before banishing the thought with a shake of his head, and catching up with the sashaying Kerina.

She smiled down at him as she climbed the ladder, cloth tightening against her full figure as she smoothly scaled the metal steps, as he wondered at her actions. It wasn't like her to purposefully make him blush like this, knowing that nothing would come from it. The thought didn't stop him from scrambling up afterwards, however, his motions much less smooth than hers as the wet steel scraped against his skin. He bit his lip as the toe stubbed, resisting the urge to cry out as he limped the last few steps and stumbled against her back.

She only grinned at the pressure, gripping his legs and helping him to the floor before sliding them smoothly around her waist. She grabbed his arms next, pulling them around her body as she asked if he was ready in a whisper He nodded and she grinned, watching the giggling girl in front go through before Kerina did the same. Her bikini bottom tightening further as she slid forward and into the tube, he noticed, though he didn't say anything. Jared didn't protest as the iron cut into his bottom, either, too scared that he'd wake up if he protested against the wonderful dream his trip had become.

The water splashed against his legs as he slid down the tube, a gasp emerging from his lips at the sudden cold, needles penetrating through his skin. He felt Kerina's grip tightening around them, seeming to grow stronger as the legs turned numb, a sudden turn making him too senseless to care. He felt his body pressing against the side, the cold water burning into it as he felt it giving way. He gasped as it splashed against his chest, his eyes shutting as they burst through the tube and landed in the water. He could feel his body burning, the water sluicing against his form as he shivered, tingles erupting through his flesh as Kerina let him go and his body surged through the water.

He could feel his chest tingling as a sudden pressure made him groan. His back arched as it slid through his body, groin on fire as his bones cracked and his joints creaked. He wondered for a moment how he still living, before his mouth broke the surface and put a stop to it all.

He blinked into the air, eyes bleary as he rubbed them, watching a man climb out of the pool with a throaty laugh. His gaze locked on the familiar form, widening a bit at the bikini bottom as the man dragged a too tight top from his body. He swallowed as he glanced at Kerina, now male as he grinned back at Jared.

Lastly he looked at himself, gasping at his own feminine form as she drifted a hand across her stomach. She slid it down, wincing a bit at the strange feel but moving on to explore elsewhere. She traced along her thighs, and rubbed against her sides, glancing at her breasts last of all with a blush.

A sudden pressure made her squirm as arms slid around her body, a bikini top pulled tight across her breasts as Kerina hooked it around her. "What's the matter?' whispered the former girl. "Don't you like the special water park I booked us?"

Emily blushed, but smiled. Somehow, she felt she was going to grow to like it very much indeed.
:iconmajorkerina:'s Kiribian!

What? No, I'm not doing the "Kerina caught my kiribian dance"! Why would I even have a name for such a dance? What do you mean i just named the dance!? This is CLEARLY all in your imagination.

Features semi-versions of Kerina and :iconescape421521: by the way.
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NekoLLX Apr 9, 2010  Student Filmographer
what a crazy life jared lives
I so wish I could be in Jared/Emily's position.

I've got a couple friends who do - it's always nice when they like my stuff. :) (Always nice when ANYONE likes my stuff, for that matter.)
Yeah. I myself am a non-op mtf. surgery won't give me what I really want. And my best friend is more or less a non-op ftm, and also my father figure. Reading your stuff gives me ideas. *plots*
You might wanna check out my big sis, :iconmajorkerina: by the way. She's like me, only a few years older and better for it. :)(Okay, so she's technically sister figure, and she prooooobably spends too much time wishing I'd grow breasts, but if my stuff my stuff makes you plot, hers will make you plotz. :P )
Hope they work out for you. :P
NevermoreFox Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
foxpawsd Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Automatic :fav: xD :boogie:
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